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Industrial Scholars

One of the privileges of joining PSRC as a Senior Member level sponsor is the ability to send a person to work at PSRC. These Industrial Scholars participate in performing research while resident at PSRC ad obtain hands-on training in the analysis and design of power devices. They can transfer PSRC technology to the parent company upon their return. The Industrial Scholars that have participated in the PSRC research program are listed below. The Research topic is provided next to each name.

Industrial Scholars

H. Nakanishi, Sanken Electric Co.        Silicon Carbide Power Devices

N. Iwamuro, Fuji Electric Company     Emitter Switched Thyristors

A. Moki, Sanken Electric Co.       Silicon Carbide Power Devices

A. Tamba, Hitachi Co.                 DI Lateral Power Devices

N. Unten, Hitachi Co.                   MOS-Gated Thyristors

T. Minato, Mitsubishi Electric Co.        Trench Gated MOS-Bipolar Power


T. Yamazaki, Fuji Electric Company    Dual-Gate Base Resistance Controlled                                                             Thyristors

M. Nemoto, Fuji Electric Company      Recessed Gate IGBTs