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Graduate Students

The Graduate Students that have participated in the PSRC research program are listed below. They are grouped by the degree acquired by them while working at PSRC. The Thesis topic is provided next to each name.

Masters Degree Students

J. S. Ajit                           1991             The Minority Carrier Injection Controlled Field Effect Transistors

R. Singh                           1991             Cryogenic Operation of P-i-N Rectifiers

D. Alok                            1993             Reactive Ion Etching of Silicon Carbide

S. Sridhar                        1993             Comparison of Junction and Dielectricaly Isolated Lateral P-i-N Rectifiers for Power IC Applications

M. Mehrotra                     1993             Low Voltage Output Rectifiers for Power Supplies

G. Mann                           1993             Power Supply Test-Bed

R. Sunkavalli                   1994             High Temperature Characterization and Modelling of Dielectrically Isolated lateral Power Devices

N. Thapar                        1994             Improved Cell Designs for High Voltage MOSFETs and IGBTs

W. Rader                         1994             Power Device S-O-A Non-destructive Tester

N. Moki                           1994             Ohmic Contacts to Silicon Carbide

R. Kurlagunda                 1994             MOS-Gated Thyristors

S. Sridevan                      1995             Measurement of the Impact Ionization Coefficients of 6H-Silicon Carbide

M. Kothandaraman          1996             Reactive Ion Etching of 6H-Silicon Carbide

P. Venkataraghavan         1996             MOS-Gated Turn-on of a Large Area Thyristor

V. Bantval                        1997             Analysis of High Voltage Heterojunction Gate Silicon Carbide Vertical Field Effect Transistors

D. Johri                            1997             Heterojunction SiC FETs

V. Nagapudi                     1997             FBSOA of Dielectrically Isolated Lateral Power Transistors

S. Sawant                         1997             The Dual Gate Emitter Switched Thyristor

P. Ananthanarayanan       1998             Ion Implantation Technology for 6H and 4H-Silicon Carbide

P. Mandava                      1998             Trench Dual-Metal SiC Schottky Diodes

A. Ramamurthy               1998             Power Loss Comparisons of MOS-Gated Power Switches

S. Mani                            1998             Lifetime Control in SiC Devices

H. S. Kim                         2000             Characterization of Isotopically Pure Silicon for Power Device Applications

S. Venkatesan                  2000             Properties of Implanted Isolation Layers in Silicon Carbide

A. Lionchini                     2000             Analysis of Vertical High Voltage Silicon RF Power MOSFETs

K. Narayanamurthy          2000             Silicon Carbide Schottky Diodes

P. Chantngarm                 2001             Novel RESURF High Voltage Devices: Device Layout and Process Design

M. Pyla                            2001             Recessed Gate IGBTs

P. Singh                           2001             Novel SiC Isolation Technology

Ph. D. Degree Students

T. Syau                            1992             The Effects of Reactive Ion Etching on the Electronic Properties of Silicon Surfaces and Power Devices

S-H. L. Tu                        1992             Merged P+N/Schottky Structure for Low and High Voltage Power Devices

M.S. Shekar                     1993             The MOS-Gated Emitter Switched Thyristor (EST)

M. Nandakumar               1993             The Base Resistance Controlled Thyristor

P. Venkatraman               1994             Large Area MOS Power Device Technology

M. Bhatnagar                   1995             Silicon Carbide Power Devices

S. Sridhar                        1996             SIMOX Based Power Devices

Y-S. Huang                      1996             Dielectrically Isolated High Voltage Power Devices

D. Alok                            1996             Silicon Carbide Device Fabrication based on Amorphization using Ion-Implantation

R. Sunkavalli                   1996             Dielectrically Isolated Lateral MOS-Bipolar Power Devices

M. Mehrotra                     1996             MOS Gated AC Switch Structures

R. Raghunathan               1997             Measurement of Impact Ionization Coefficients in Silicon Carbide

R. Singh                           1997             Cryogenic Operation of Power Semiconductor Devices

N. Thapar                        1998             Accumulation Channel Driven Bipolar Transistors

R. Kurlagunda                 1998             The Dual Gate Base Resistance Controlled Thyristor

S. Sridevan                      1998             Characterization of Inversion Layers on Silicon Carbide

P. Muraleedharan             1998             High Voltage Buried Junction Vertical Silicon Carbide Field Effect Transistors

S. Sawant                         1999             High Voltage Emitter Switched Thyristors

R. Chilukuri                     1999             4H-Silicon Carbide Accumulation Channel Field effect Transistors

S. Mahalingam                 1999             Power Rectifiers and MOSFETs with Graded Doped Drift Regions

M. Bobde                         2001             Planar Accumulation Channel Silicon Power Devices

P. Mehrotra                      2001             High Voltage Silicon Carbide Lateral RESURF Devices

S. Sonkusale                    2001             SiC Lateral RESURF Devices

C. Mion                           2001             SiC/SiO2 Interface Characterization

H. Lazar                           2004             High k Dielectrics for SiC and Si