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The operation of PSRC is governed by the Bylaws provide here.

PSRC Bylaws

1. Management Plan for the Center

The principal officer of the Center will be the Center Director who must be a university faculty member appointed by the Dean of the College of Engineering (the “Dean”). The Center Director reports to the Dean.  The primary responsibilities of the Director are to oversee the day-to-day administrative operations of the Center and to work with the Project Leaders to implement the research plan determined jointly by the Director, the Project Leaders, the Program Advisory/Counseling Team, and the Dean. The functions and responsibilities of other individuals and committees involved in the Center are as follows:

2. Program Advisory/Counseling Team (PACT)

There will be a Program Advisory/Counseling Team (hereinafter referred to as PACT) consisting of one member representative from each organization having Senior Member status. The responsibility of PACT is to recommend the base research program to be carried out by the Center, the apportionment of research effort and funds into research projects, and capital equipment for each project.

PACT may also recommend modifications of these Bylaws. PACT makes its recommendations to the Center Director and to the Dean, who has the final authority on the research program, allocation of resources and Center bylaws. PACT fulfills its obligations in the following manner:  Each year there will be one meeting of PACT early in June. At this meeting, the Center Director submits research proposals prepared by project leaders and a fiscal proposal for the Center. PACT members review these research project proposals, and may recommend approval, rejection or modification of the projects. PACT may also recommend additional protects not originated by the Director or Project Leaders. PACT advises on the fiscal proposal which determines how the Center funds are to be used. The recommendations of PACTare forwarded by the Center Director to the Dean, who has final approval authority to establish the program of the Center.                                                                              - -

PACT may recommend changes in the Center Bylaws. It may also recommend to the Dean, who has final authority in this matter, whether or not donations of planned equipment acquisitions can be used in lieu of fees for Center membership. Such equipment will be valued based upon the open market cost to the Center, if purchased via competitive bidding.

3. Academic Policy Committee

There will be an Academic Policy Committee consisting of the Associate Dean of the College of Engineering, the Heads of the Departments most aligned with the current program areas, and the Center Director. The functions of this committee are to (a) insure that the research proposed to PACT is consistent with University goals; (b) coordinate manpower, space and equipment requirements for the Center; and (c) provide direct information to the departments regarding the activities of faculty members contributing to the Center.

4. Project Leaders

All research projects undertaken at the Center must be supervised by a project leader who is a faculty member at North Carolina State University. Project leaders have the responsibility to submit a project proposal for the research work by the end of April to the Center Director for approval of funding for the subsequent fiscal year. The proposal must contain (a) a two-page summary of research planned in the project, (b) results to be obtained, and (c) a budget for the project that is consistent with guidelines set by the Center Director. If a project is approved for implementation, project leaders will be responsible for (w) directing the research, (x) organizing and conducting a technical working group meeting, (y) reporting the research results to the Center Members and the Director, and (z) maintaining project spending within the approved budget.

5. Industrial Scholar

Each Senior Member will be eligible to assign one Industrial Scholar to perform research at the Center on projects approved by PACT and the Center Director. The Industrial Scholar will join a project team and work under the direction of the Project Leader.

6. Technical Working Group Meeting

A Technical Working Group Meeting will be held once every fiscal year for each research project funded by the Center. This meeting will be organized and conducted by the Project Leaders. Senior Members and Members may each send one technical representative- to participate in the Technical Working Group Meeting. At this meeting, the results of on going research will be discussed with plans defined for the next phase.

7. Operating Procedures

7.1 Annual Research Report

A written annual research report summarizing all the research performed during the fiscal year will be prepared and furnished to all the attending representatives of Center Senior Member, Member, and Associate Member companies at the Annual Review Meeting.  A copy will be mailed to the companies that do not send a representative to the Annual Review Meeting.

7.2 Annual Review Meeting

The Annual Review Meeting is an oral presentation of the research accomplishments at the Center for the fiscal year to all Center Members. The presentations will be made by faculty members, students, and Industnal Scholars performing the research.

7.3 Technical Working Group Meeting

One detailed research review meeting will be held during each fiscal year for each funded project. The purpose of these reviews is to provide Senior Members and Members with an in-depth summary of progress in specific research activities and plans for further work for the next phase of the project. The reviews will be presented by faculty, students and Industrial Scholars. Representatives of Senior Members and Members will be invited to attend this review.

7.4 Sample Calendar

A sample calendar of major annual Center events will follow the guidelines on this page. Actual dates of meeting will be determined by the Center Director after consultation with Members. Members will be advised in advance of all upcoming events as appropriate.

Fiscal Year Beginning July 1 and Ending June 30 Following Year

July 1          Initiate Research Projects

December 1            Technical Working Group Meeting

May 1         Project Proposals for next fiscal year due from Project Leaders to Center Director.

May 15       Abstracts for Annual Review Meeting due from Project Leaders.

June 1         Annual Review Meeting

June 2         PACT Board Meeting to Review Project Proposals and Make Funding Recommendations to Center Director.

June 15       Project leaders informed regarding proposal approval for next fiscal year.

7.5  Subcontracts

The cost for all subcontracts must be included in the original proposal budget. Project Leaders will submit to the Center Director all requests for approval of any subcontracts for semiconductor processing or other support of Center research activities whenever the need arises.

7.6 Equipment

The cost for all equipment purchases must be included in the original proposal submitted by the Project Leader. All requests for equipment purchases using Center funds must be submitted to the Center Director for approval. All equipment purchased using Center funds for research projects belong to the Center. At the conclusion of a project, Project Leaders must provide the equipment to the Center equipment pool.

7.7 External Publications

Publication of research results at conferences and in journals is an important goal of the Center. Submission of research results obtained using Center funds for external publication by Project Leaders will require review by the Center Director to ensure that Center Members are provided with the information prior to external distribution, and to provide an opportunity for filing of patent applications when appropriate

7.9 Enhancement Grants

Each Senior Member and Member may elect to accelerate one or more research projects, approved for funding by PACT and the Center Director using membership fees by providing additional funding through an enhancement grant. All research results and properties resulting from the Enhancement Grant will be treated in the same manner as the base research program.

7.10 Patent Disclosures

Each PSRC Member in good standing and current on the payment of membership dues shall have certain rights in and to patents derived from inventions conceived or first reduced to practice in the course of research conducted by personnel of the Center. Such rights will terminate automatically if the Center is not conducting an active research program and/or does not have any members unless a Member has entered into a separate Option or License agreement with the University under which rights may have been granted.  All patents derived from inventions conceived or first reduced to practice in the course of research conducted by or at Center belong to University. Other rights concerning patents are in the membership agreements.

7.11 Software

All software developed by Center will be copyrighted in the name of the University. Other rights concerning copyrighted works are in the membership agreements.

7.12 Device Samples

Each Senior Member, Member, and Associate Member will be eligible to obtain Device Samples in accordance with the terms of the membership agreements.